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Period Clothing

We provide clothing designed for the Civil War era to the early nineteen hundreds.  Not everything is 110% period correct of course, but it is close.

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We provide free shipping for original purchases.  Clothing is notorious for product returns, so be sure to read our return policy before deciding on color and size.

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One of the great pleasures of doing business the way we do is the traveling to new and interesting places and meeting some of the most amazing people.  From our small rural hometown we get to travel to places like Phoenix, Albuquerque, Tombstone, Deadwood, Gold Country, …..  You get the idea.  The people we meet are dressed in old west clothing or maybe Victorian finery are all good down home folks.  You'd never guess them to be a brain surgeon, a Lawyer, a rocket scientist, a butler, or a middle school teacher.  It doesn't matter what they are in real life, There all good old boys and fine ladies when dressed in our cloths.

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Shoots We Attend

We were able to attend 12 shoots last year, and are planning to return to most of them this year.  We are also trying to add new venues as new opportunities present themselves. 

Annual Miles Traveled

It seems that nearly every shoot is a long way from Northern Utah, so we put a lot of miles on the truck and trailer to bring our clothing to as many shooters as possible.  It doesn't help that shooting ranges are usually put a long way from civilization.  Do you think that is because of the noise, or the smell of Cowboys  who have been dry camping on the range all week.

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